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District 81 Superintendent

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It takes a village….

February 25, 2016

I have sent countless emails and posted several messages regarding the dedication of every single member of the SD81 learning community! The video below confirms that our students are blessed to be surrounded by adults who sincerely are interested in developing a relationship with them. Roger Pape is the head custodian at Kennedy School. Austin Payton is a third grader whose good choices earned him an award from the principals today!

In the video, Austin is using an app on his iPad called sphero to control the movement of a robot. While Austin was engaged in this activity Roger gave him a challenge and Austin rose to the occasion. My point is Roger could have kept walking and carried on with his work but instead he stopped to not only engage but truly notice a child.

My mantra has been and will continue to be that District 81 is an amazing place to work and learn because of our dedicated professionals and amazing students. It is moments like these that confirm this!

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