District 81 Superintendent

District 81 Superintendent

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Reflection on an Amazing Experience in Schiller Park School District 81

September 11, 2015

As I sit to write this blog post at the end of a very exciting day, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and inspiration!  I’m grateful for social media because it is giving me the opportunity to share with our learning community the amazing experience I had today, and I know I’m not the only one feeling ecstatic!  Today our State Superintendent, Dr. Tony Smith spent the morning with us.  He was an energetic, engaging and genuine guest.  He was truly interested in our district and every single person he came in contact with.  His delight and excitement about our students’ learning was evident, and I am not surprised that he was welcomed with open arms by our incredible faculty, staff and students! Today was one of the most memorable days of my career.  I am so proud to be part of this outstanding district!!

Please see the video that our administrative team made for Dr. Smith, thanking him for his visit! It will give you an idea of how much he cares about what is going on in classrooms around Illinois, as well as how special and unique each student in School District 81 is! They deserve all of our BEST every day!

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