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Dr. Seuss Would Be Proud of District 81!!

February 27, 2015

I had such a blast as a guest at our annual Dr. Seuss Night!! I was thrilled to be able to visit so many storytellers, and see firsthand how much our students and their families love this amazing tradition we have in our district.  I wish I would have had time to visit each room because I know there were so many people dedicated to making this magical night happen for our kids.  Please browse these pictures to see just some of the many volunteers who took the time to read books, greet guests, dress in costumes, and those who came out in the cold with their children to join us!

A special thank you goes to all of Kennedy School for the hours of hard work this takes to plan. I  loved to  see former and current students, parents, and the ABC Parent Group getting involved in Dr. Seuss Night!  I would also like to thank the village trustees, commissioner, fire and police departments, Mayor of Schiller Park, and the other Village of Schiller Park representatives and residents who came out to be part of the evening.  I know they like to participate because it’s so much fun for them, and not work, but thank you to the Board of Education Members Allison Downs, Rich Flanagan, and Mary Ann Desecki for volunteering, and Member Tina Ewanio for sharing in the fun with her family as a guest!

Each one of you contributes to the amazing energy we have in School District 81! Thank you for all of your efforts!  I know many great memories were made last night and I was happy to share in them with all of you.

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