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District 81 Superintendent

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February 13, 2015

Just when I think it cannot get any better, it does! Last night’s performance or Aladdin was remarkable. What I enjoyed most was seeing how much fun the performers were having. There was no stress, there was just joy and excitement, and I was blessed to be in the audience. As a result of this experience the children created a memory that will last a lifetime, and I could not be more proud of the dedicated professionals who made it happen. I am so thrilled that District 81 provides stellar learning experiences in all areas of our students’ development.

On another topic and somewhat related, several board members and I attended a meeting Wednesday evening at Leyden High School. The topic of discussion was Vision 20/20. Vision 20/20 is a partnership between statewide organizations that came together to develop a blue print to improve public education in Illinois. Through the Vision 20/20 process, 4 areas have become the central focus going forward. The areas of focus are highly effective educators, 21st century learning, shared accountability, and equitable and adequate funding. http://illinoisvision2020.org/wp-content/files/Vision_2020_Executive_Summary.pdf

When reviewing the priority of 21st century learning, Brent Clark, President of IASA, challenged districts to think of an experience we provide our students outside of the core subject areas that we are proud of. I could not help but think of that challenge when I watched the students perform last night. The Board members who attended the Leyden meeting with me were also at the play last night and I am certain they made similar connections. I extend my sincere appreciation to Board Members Ewanio, Desecki, Downs and Flanagan for joining me at the Vision 20/20 meeting, and for attending the Washington musical to support our students.

I am proud of our school district, students and our dedicated professionals, and I commit to you that we will never stop learning, never stop growing and never stop giving 110% to the children of this community.



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