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District 81 Superintendent

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It takes a village…

October 17, 2014

Cy is a first grade student at Kennedy School. He is a smart, caring and heroic child. Anyone who meets Cy and his family are left in awe of the strength and courage they possess as they fight a battle no child or parent should ever face.

Today Cy was “Officer for the Day”. He spent the day directing traffic, writing tickets, and having lunch in the police department with our men in blue. Although it was a long day for Cy, there is no doubt he had the time of his life. Assistant Commander Tom Henn was Cy’s escort and he made sure the experience was extraordinary. The day ended with a ride home in the DARE car escorted by a parade of squad cars with lights and sirens.

I am forever grateful to everyone who made this day possible for Cy.  I am proud and privileged to work in a community that came together to create a beautiful memory for Cy and his family.

Cy is a fighter, his mom and grandma are warriors, and tonight the Village of Schiller Park came together and honored our own little hero.

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