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Congratulations Lady Lightning Champions!!!

March 20, 2014

Early this morning I reached out to Lincoln Middle School to see who had taken some good pictures I could share from the championship game our Lincoln girls won last night.  Immediately, the proud coaches sent not only pictures, but a video of the team singing during Lincoln’s morning announcements, the tournament brackets, and a blurb about their amazing season!  Coaches Arielle Ogorek and Corinne Hillertz, the players, the fans, Ms. Stav and Mr. Amsler could not be more excited!  I will share Coach Ogorek’s blurb with you here, because I couldn’t have said it better myself! Congratulations to both the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams!

“The Lincoln Girls’ basketball team finally got what they deserved last night, a first place trophy and a championship game they will never forget! With a conference record of 9-1 for our junior varsity, and a conference record of 8-2 for our Varsity, the Lady Lightning made it to the Leyden Norwood Girls basketball tournament this past week. Our V ended their season with a 4th place seed, and an overall record of 9-3. Our JV team finished the season as conference champions with an outstanding 12-1 record!!”

– Coach Arielle Ogorek


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