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District 81 Superintendent

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The Little Mermaid V.I.P. Cast Party

February 19, 2013

Today the ninety students from Washington School who brought their fabulous production of “The Little Mermaid” to the community celebrated their success! The cast came together to watch a recording of the performance and to relive those exciting moments on stage.

It seems that the cast members were just as impressed with Miss Asucely Lopez, who played Ariel, as those of us in the audience! As the cast watched the taped performance, every member turned toward Asucely and applauded her beautiful solo.  The camaraderie among our students grows out of the positive and nurturing environment that we have created with the families in our District 81 community. My deepest thanks goes to the parents whose energy is directed toward building a school community where children are cherished and given the opportunity to shine!

It takes so much creativity, hard work, and dedication to put together such a fine production.  I am grateful for the educators who work tirelessly beside their students, our administrative team who provides strong leadership at every turn, and the Board of Education who supports the children of this community so they may have remarkable experiences as they grow and learn.

Under the Sea 2 Ursula Ariel DSCN0686 DSCN0679 DSCN0676

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