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District 81 Superintendent

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An Evening to Remember

December 19, 2012

I have always felt a lifting of spirits and sense of joy when I find myself in a room filled with children. Last night’s choral concert at Lincoln Middle School was one of the most moving performances I have experienced, and I consider myself fortunate that I have chosen a career path that allows me to experience the healing presence of children time and time again.

The Lincoln chorus, led by Music teacher Mrs. Genevieve Klein, collaborated with the talented Leyden Chamber singers to perform their beautiful music for our community.  It was particularly touching to   see three former District 81 graduates on stage; we welcomed back Brianna Bartello, Gianna Dicintio and Rachel Gillcrist. My favorite part of the performance was when the Lincoln and Leyden students sang together “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and the popular song “Someone Like You,” by Adele.  I am grateful that we have such a strong relationship with Leyden High School so we may continue to bring our community together for such enjoyable events.

In the audience were the members of our Board of Education who continually support our students and our programs. My warmest thanks go to President Mary Ann Desecki, Vice President Donald Delaney, Secretary Allison Downs, Richard Flanagan, and Carol Fritz. As always, I thank the students and teachers for their hard work and commitment, and our District 81 parents who support us and allow us to share in the joy and light that their children bring to our schools!


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