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District 81 Superintendent

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7th Grade Town Hall Meeting

October 25, 2011

Several 7th grade students at Lincoln Middle School requested a town hall meeting with their teachers and administrators to discuss the possibility of implementing a 7th grade retreat. Keeping in line with the format of a traditional town hall meeting, Mr. Amsler served as the mayor and Ms. Stavrou served as the governor. The 7th grade team served as the precinct captains.

The students made posters and prepared written statements to address their desire to participate in a 7th grade retreat. Their rationales for why a 7th grade retreat should be added to the 7th grade experience were stellar. The students discussed the importance of expanding on their experiences and conversations from their 6th grade retreat at Lorado Taft. They expressed the value of the anti-bullying messages and team building memories they created during the retreat. The students indicated they would appreciate the opportunity to continue the anti-bullying message as well as give students new to 7th grade the opportunity to participate in the rich and rewarding experiences they so fondly reminisce upon.

Ms. Stavrou and Mr. Amsler did an excellent job finding the balance between honoring student voices and explaining why there has not been a 7th grade retreat in the past. The teachers asked excellent follow-up questions of the students as well. Upon completion of the meeting it was decided that the possibility of a 7th grade retreat would be strongly considered. The 7th grade team is researching possible locations and venues for the event.

I am very proud of the students. They advocated for themselves and provided strong and respectful arguments for the consideration of a 7th grade retreat

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